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Architectural Exceptional Negotiations Or Protracted Involvement Services

The exceptional negotiations or protracted involvement services that may be provided by the architectural consultancy practice shall be any or all of the following

Participating in protracted negotiations in connection with applications for town planning or other statutory approvals, including applications for conversion of title to land for development purposes, changes in land use, zoning, densities, waivers and appeals


Amending the content, scope, design or details of a project or, building or any of its parts, upon the client's instructions after approvals at various stages have been given by the client, and requiring the architectural consultancy practice to either amend or prepare new drawings or produce information after they have been finalised;


Continuing services on a protracted basis due to causes beyond the architectural consultancy practice's control and not directly or indirectly caused by actions of the architectural consultancy practice, but may be caused by certain decisions of the client, breach of contract by any of the parties to the building contract or other causes, and which will involve the architectural consultancy practice in additional time or work


Conferring with solicitors, attending court, mediation, arbitration and enquiries in connection with statutory approvals.