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Architectural Supplementary Services

The Supplementary Services which are not included in the Basic Services but which may be provided by the architectural consultancy practice to supplement the Basic Services shall be any or all of the following

Ascertaining the client's objectives, brief and constraints for the project and advising the client on how to achieve the objectives


Inspecting and advising the client on the selection and suitability of proposed sites, and conducting or taking part in negotiations connected therewith


Preparing and refining the brief in consultation with the client and interpreting the client's objectives to arrive at an agreed brief for the project


Preparing an outline project plan which may include a preliminary estimate of construction costs, a preliminary project planning and implementation schedule, a preliminary cash flow projection and a resource plan


Preparing a master plan for housing development or other schemes, including preliminary layout plans, for discussion with the relevant approving authorities that leads to the preparation of detailed development plans based on the layout plans as approved by the relevant approving authority to enable the project to be implemented


Preparing the drawings for sale and purchase agreements, where relevant


Certifying and issuing certificates of stage completion under the sale and purchase agreement between the client and the purchasers


Providing interior design services, including preparing sketch layouts, working and construction drawings, details and tender documents, managing the contract, supervising the works during the stages of implementation, issuing certificates of payment and accepting on behalf of the client such works upon its completion


Designing graphics and signage in connection with the project and providing all the necessary services for their execution