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BIM Architect

ICBIM was established in 2018 to strengthen the Group’s (Arkitek ICB Sdn Bhd) capabilities the adopting of Building Information Modelling (BIM). The adoption of BIM services extends beyond planning and design phase of a project, extending throughout the building life cycle, supporting processes, including cost management, construction management, project management and facility operation.

ICBIM has a team of BIM architect who have executed various projects in residential, commercial, institutional, hospitality spaces in various trades (architecture, structure, civil, mechanical, electrical) and has developed a reputation for being an excellent service provider with a team of well trained and experienced staff.

Via the central building model (BIM coordination model), the BIM working method permits the cross-disciplinary planning, construction and operation of buildings. With BIM platform, all relevant information is merged and then analyzed. Inconsistencies and errors are identified immediately and can be eliminated in the planning phase.

This increases planning quality, which pays off in the building process and in the operational phase. We strongly encourage the “3D to 2D” to become our new way in Malaysia construction industries. Our team has gone through a number of projects and have learned that BIM or 3D modelling, technology is enabling the construction industry to achieve more in lesser time with reduced cost.

3D modelling is changing the presentation world of architectural designs. 3D modelling is enabling architects and designers to be more creative and experimental.

Each of our team member possesses a great understanding in BIM workflow. We have the capability in preparing a BIM workflow to suit with the project’s requirement or client’s EIR (Exchange Information requirement).

We provide a BIM Protocol for a specific project or for the client’s general protocols. This protocol shall become a guideline in preparing a project’s BIM Execution Plan (BEP).

Our team have a vast experience in JKR BIM projects and JKR BIM requirements from the JKR BIM Guideline to the JKR specific Naming Convention to suit with JKR’s MySPATA (Sistem Pengurusan Aset Tak Alih) requirements.

Building Information Model

BIM workflow

Clash detection helps in effective identification, inspection and reporting of interferences in a project model. It is used for checking completed/ongoing work and reduces the risk of human error during model inspections.

Clash detection is necessary because several models (structural, MEP, etc) are integrated into one main BIM model. With clash detection, mistakes which normally would have been discovered on the site (with high cost and schedule implications when corrected at that stage) can now be seen in the office even before anyone sets foot on the site.

BIM even makes clash detection possible for objects within objects (a steel rod completely immersed inside a concrete wall).

BIM Services

Clash Detection Analysis

We provide a 3D modelling services, by working closely with consultants. The 3D modelling services have been crucial to the BIM projects as this will become a base model and a single data resources for the entire BIM workflow.

BIM Services

3D modelling

One of the benefits of BIM is the possibility to extract 2D documentation from the 3D BIM model. Cutting through sections of the building in the 3D model to reveal required information that can be used as part of the 2D documentation either for planning permission or for construction work has proven useful across the industry.

BIM Services

2D extraction